Different Kinds of Mirror Products

Different Kinds of Mirror Products

Mirrors are used every day.  Some of us may not notice this, but has it come to our minds how mirrors are produced? What makes it special aside from its capacity of reflecting our face from the said object? Now, this becomes interesting!

Let’s talk about mirrors and other mirror products!

Mirrors are usually smooth and highly polished reflecting surface.  Most mirrors commonly used and seen are called plane mirrors. To get more detailed info on anti climb spikes, visit on Security Mirrors – Safety Mirrors from Insight Security hyperlinked site.

Lateral Inverted Mirrors

There is what we call lateral inversion in plane mirrors.  For example, the word AMBULANCE is painted as inverted, so that the driver from other vehicle in front of the ambulance could read such word in the mirror the exact word of AMBULANCE. 

Spherical Mirrors

This is popularly known by its two types: the Convex Mirror and Concave Mirror.  They are not plain and are curved in particular direction.  Spherical mirrors are characterized by its inward curving and where light rays converge at a point after they strike and are getting reflects back from the reflecting surface of the mirror.  Maybe you have already seen these mirrors on corners of walls inside stores and other shops.

Other Mirror Products created long time ago

Non-reversing Mirrors

This is made when two mirrors are placed perpendicularly to each other.

Acoustic Mirrors

These are huge concrete dishes built in order to reflect and distribute sound instead of light.  Such mirror was greatly used in the invention of radar in the military and served as warning system during attacks.

Two-way mirrors

This mirror is made by coating one side of a sheet of a glass with a very thin and lightly reflective material.  Whenever the coated side is lighted room, some of the light reflects and some goes into the dark making it possible to see into the lighted room but not out.

Mirror products play a very important role in everyday lives.  They may come in different types, but all of them served different purposes according to how they are created.